10 NDC regional chairmen riding on Mahama’s popularity – Kweku Baako


    Veteran Journalist, Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako Junior has described the 10 regional Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) as desperate who are seeking to ride on the popularity of former President John Dramani Mahama to be retained.

    He maintains that the former President stands tall among other contenders seeking the flagbearer slot of the party and will beat his challengers any day should he put himself up for the contest.

    According to him, the regional chairmen realizing their popularity is waning took the decision to endorse him so that they do not lose their positions considering how they propelled the party to its abysmal electoral defeat

    “They want to ride on the popularity of the former President to secure their positions because there is a threat they may not be able to retain the positions”, he stated on Newsfile

    He said the rationale behind their visit and request for the former President to run for 2020 elections and embark on ‘Thank You Tour’ is just to cover up their real intent which to facilitate the retention of their positions.

    Mr Kwaku Baako described the move as needless indicating that all 10 are endangered species who are seeking covet ways to remain relevant among voters in the party.

    “This is a needless exercise that brings about unwarranted tension in the party…it makes some members of the party feel marginalized. It just an agenda they are embarking and using Mahama as a cover up” he said.

    While observing that such acts could compromise the unity of the NDC, he proposed that all the 10 executives be reprimanded.

    “They are endangered species within the context of the primaries that may be coming and they see John Mahama as very popular within the NDC and they know their positions are not secured and so they are tagging themselves unto the John Mahama ticket and are hoping; because some of them are casualties…that’s why they could do such a desperate thing; so premature. Why worry yourself but that is the game they are playing. It is to regenerate some support for them…it’s a self-interest agenda that they are pursuing”

    It would be recalled that all 10 regional chairmen of the party last Thursday November 9, 2017 visited the former President and persuaded him to lead the party in 2020 a request he described as premature.

    He however promised to liaise with the party’s hierarchy to get a good timing in order to embark on a “Thank You Tour”.