Thirteen ministers in the Tema Area of the Radiant Place Church have been ordained.

The ordination service which took place on Saturday 13 April 2019, was officiated by the General Overseer of the Radiant Place Church, Apostle Emmanuel Nkum, and was also a part of a three day convention dubbed Resurrected Life Convention held at the Tema Community 9 branch.

In a sermon on the topic, “I am not sent but sent” based on Mathew 15 versus 24, Apostle Emmanuel Nkum pointed out that everyone is sent by God but everybody has not been sent.He also highlighted on the fact that God has called you doesn’t mean he has sent you.

According to Apostle Nkum, Jesus Christ was sent but he realized he was not sent to everyone but rather the household of the Lordship of Israel and not to everyone.

He therefore reminded the ministers that even though they have been sent but not sent to everyone.God has a specific assignment for specific people , specific locations and with the mandate based on their capacity.

The congregation were also admonished to pray for God to reveal to them whom they have been sent to and where they have been sent to.

According to Apostle Nkum, ministers should be ready to embrace challenges that will come their way as leaders.He also stressed on how they should behave and carry themselves as ministers of the gospel.

Ministers were challenged not to turn their back on Jesus Christ but rather keep their hope on God for he that called them will surely provide for them. He hence admonished believers not to give up until God gives His final words. He further encouraged them to press forward even if everything seems to work against them and to be relentless in what God has placed in them.

He urged ministers not to compare themselves with other Men of God but rather pray to God to reveal their  respective assignments to them.They should lead those they were sent to because they have been sent to specific people and it is that comparison that makes some pastors think as if they are failures.


More light was thrown on the fact that various callings appeals to specific people and that God cannot send you to everyone but rather to specific individuals.

Apostle therefore asked ministers to be faithful to whom they have been called to and should ensure that they keep and stick with such people and wait upon the Lord. He also admonished ministers not to compare their assignments with that of others citing the parable of the master who gave his servants various talents.

Ministers were made to remember that in their work they might not end up with those they started with but they should rather brace themselves up more of people breaking away especially when they need them.They should never put their minds on mankind but rather focus on God. He entreated them not to give up no matter how challenging their ministry becomes, because God will surely see them through.

In all , 12 male ministers and one female minister were ordained on the day.