13 Owusu-Bempah prophecies that failed woefully in 2017


    Before the start of 2017, many prophets predicted, what they said would be the major happenings in the country in the coming 12 months.

    Prominent among such prophets was, Founder and leader of Glorious Word Ministry International, Reverend Isaac Owusu Bempah, who made a plethora of predictions.

    Having correctly predicted victory for Nana Akufo-Addo in the 2016 elections and a seemingly correct prediction of the 2016 US presidential election a month earlier, he had become some sort of authority in the field but not all his prophecies came to pass.

    Today, brings you the prophecies of Rev. Owusu Bempah which have failed to manifest in 2017.

    1. Coup d’etat in Ghana

    We all know this will not happen anytime soon even if one is going to happen in Ghana again and definitely not in 2017. This could best be described as an overreach of a prophecy. And to think of it, he actually ‘helped’ President Akufo-Addo to win power in order to be overthrown in a coup after just a few months?

    2. Americans will go to war

    This prophecy seemed a bit vague because Americans have been at war against terrorists since the 9/11 attack. But if we are to take it just like picking arms to go fight another nation or even among themselves, then it was very big miss. America has a somewhat crazy [irrational and unconventional] president in Donald Trump but so far he is managed not to take them to war and the situation will likely not change in the last 10 days of the year.

    3. Death of Nigerian President

    Nigeria’s President has been ill for the most part of his tenure so far and had to spend a better part of this year in London receiving tretment. But if what we hear from Nigeria is anything to go by -and we do not have a reason to doubt it- then President Muhammadu Buhari is not going to die this year making it another big miss. This one clearly looks like a clever guess as things stand now.

    4. Death of great king

    If one is to limit this prophecy to Ghana, you could deduce that the it must be the Asantehene, Otumfuor Osei Tutu II. Though Rev. Owusu Bempah did not mention specific names, the Asantehene is just about the only traditional ruler whose death will be such a big deal [and the death of the Asantehemaa will attest to this].

    But so far neither the Asantehene or even any of the most prominent chiefs in the country has even be heard to be suffering from any ailment or maybe the one concerned has ‘seen him in chambers’ for prayers. We are still waiting on this one but it will most likely not happen.

    5. Christian and Muslims clashes

    There have not been any clashes in the country this year which have been attributed to religion, Muslims and Christians , for that matter and it doesn’t look like it is going to change. This also looks like another big miss from the prophet.

    6. Increase in occult practices

    We have a number of cases of occultism within the year but it is quite vague a prophecy to make. We cannot seriously know the phenomenon has increased or not because there are no statistics to it. This is contentious and debatable to say the least.

    7. Many will be kidnapped

    Kidnappings have not been rampant within 2017 in Ghana as predicted by the prophet. If you are asked to mention the real cases of kidnapping that have come up this year, we bet you will struggle to get five. The only time we really heard a case of kidnapping making the headlines was just within this week when some NPP executives were arrested at Ejisu over such a case and the case of a the notorious Nigerian kidnapper who was busted in Ghana. Another woeful miss, this one is.

    8. Fire outbreaks in important offices in Ghana

    2017 has seen fire outbreaks across the length and breadth of the country but not many have so far ocurred at ‘important offices’ if any at all. This is not to say that the fires that ravaged Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom’s Coconut Grive Hotel, gas explosions that claimed many lives, the Kumasi Central Market fires, among the many others are to be downplayed. But none of these places could be said to be an important office as we say in the Ghanaian parlance.

    A case in point would be the fire that destroyed the old Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in 2009. That would have qualified for what we know as important office getting burnt. So this prophecy did not really come to pass. We all know they will be some fires in 2018 but we are not prophets.

    9 Important personalities in Parliament to die

    For this prophecy to come true, you may have expected over three deaths in Parliament but so far, not a single prominent person in Parliament has died. And we cannot imagine three or more MPs or even workers in Parliament will just fall off to their deaths with just 10 days to the end of year.

    10. Terrorist attack in Ghana

    Unlike predicted, terrorism has been far away from Ghana in 2017. The only time we heard of it was the Ghana Police Service branding information on social media over a supposed impending terrorist attack at the Accra Mall as a hoax. And we cannot be thankful enough to God for not making this prophecy come true.

    11. Death of former President/former First Lady

    This prophecy also looks like a calculated guess. Ghana has former Presidents and First Ladies who are well advanced in age. It should not shock anyone if any of them pass on but it is definitely not going to be this year. Another doom averted by God’s grace.

    12. Innocent blood will be shed in a particular party

    This too failed to come to pass. Despite the many excesses of the Delta and Invincible Forces of the ruling , there have not been any real shedding of any blood.

    The only deaths that could partially attributed to their activities is the Kintampo Waterfall incident and that was not about any political party.

    13. Death of several young men and women

    The least said about this the better because such a prediction is like saying there are more women in Ghana than men. Everybody knows that already. It is obvious that the youth makes up the larger percentage of Ghana’s population and as people die always, they will likely be the ones dying.