Nigel Gaisie’s prophecy on my husband’s death ‘FAKE’ – John Kumah’s wife

Wife of the late Dr John Kumah, Apostle Mrs. Lilian Kumah, has said that self-styled prophet, Nigel Gaisie, before his purported 31 December 2023 prophesy that a deputy Minister in Ghana was going to die in 2024, knew that John Kumah was terminally ill.

She said he was close to their family and he was furnished with all the facts about the health of the late deputy Finance Minister and Member of Parliament for Ejisu constituency.

Apostle Mrs Lilian Kumah disclosed this in an exclusive interview with Asaase News.

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She noted that, her family decided to cut ties with Nigel Gaisie after they heard that he had used the facts that they supplied him voluntarily because of the relations they had with him to prophesy doom during his watch night service 31 December.

Fake prophecy

“Nigel Gaisie was like a brother. He knows my late husband, lawyer John Kumah personally, one-on-one. We have sat in this house and eaten together several times. That is how far we go. When he came from abroad to start a church in Ghana, he came to my church, Disciples of Christ Ministries and I did a programme with him dubbed “Let the Prophet Speak”.

“We know him very well and have been aware since November 2023 that the late John Kumah was seriously sick. My husband had a lot of respect for men of Ghana in this country and that included Nigel Gaisie when my husband and I thought he was a genuine man of God,” Apostle Lilian Kumah stated.

“Nigel Gaisie knew very well that my husband was terminally ill as far back as August 2023 but regardless of that, he stood on his altar on 31st December 2023 to lie through his supposed prophesy that a Ghanaian deputy minister will die in the year 2024. What does he want to achieve through these fake prophesies?” John Kumah’s widow further stated.

Nigel Gaisie

Mrs. Kumah in the interview alleged that, facts available to her point to the fact that Nigel Gaisie’s extramarital affairs have led to his wife packing out of their matrimonial home and in effect, abandoning their marriage.

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She also stated that Gaisie has had a very bad record wherever his [so-called ministry] has sent him to the extent that none of the churches he has visited in the past are willing to invite him any longer because of the weakness that follows him everywhere he goes.

“What is surprising to me is that Nigel Gaisie claims that he is a prophet but goes about sleeping with other people’s wives but God has not been able to reveal his ungodly acts to him. He claims to see all that concerns prominent people in Ghana but the extramarital affairs that have caused his wife to leave their marital home has not come to his attention.

“I say on authority that the reason why he is no longer welcomed to several ministries in Ghana is that everywhere he has visited, he went after people’s wives and slept with them which led to the breaking of several homes,” Apostle Lilian Kumah said.

“Nigel Gaisie is not a true man of God, he is a fake prophet and a cheap liar. I dare him to disclose the reason why my family and I cut him off and why he is unable to go to the Church of God in Obuasi. He should be praying to God to reveal his bad ways to him and to give him strength to stop going after other people’s wives,” she added.

Police complaint

The grieving Apostle Mrs Lilian Kumah in a related development on Friday, 8 March 2024, bravely stepped into the offices of the Accra Central Police Headquarters to file a complaint against Captain Smart, a radio and TV presenter with Media General for callously insinuating that her beloved husband died of poisoning.

With tears welling in her eyes, she beseeched the Ghana Police Service to initiate investigations into the statements made by the journalist and to question him regarding the basis of his claims to bring an end to what she says is profound misinformation and injustice.

Lilian Kumah in her interview with Asaase News, expressed deep concern over the damage these unfounded accusations are causing her late husband’s reputation and the family’s well-being, particularly amidst the grieving state they find themselves in.

“If it is true that a person who is not dead but alive claims that he knows how my husband (John Kumah) died and that he was poisoned, and that person is still moving around for the past three weeks, it hurts me, it saddens me and I do not know how best to express my frustrations about these false claims by Captain Smart,” the widow of John Kumah, Apostle Lilian Kumah said.

“If there are laws in this country concerning such false claims, I think this is the time for the leadership of the land to bring that wicked person (Captain Smart) to book to prove his false claims and to point out the persons who were involved in the poisoning of my late husband,” Mrs. Kumah further stated.

Following the tragic passing of the Deputy Finance Minister and MP for Ejisu Constituency, John Kumah, social media hummed with resurfaced video excerpts of Captain Smart alleging deliberate poisoning of the late MP.

Captain Smart suggested, in these weeks-old clips, that some politicians and businessmen orchestrated the poisoning out of spite against the late former deputy finance minister.

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