I’m tired of fighting for my kids – Funny Face reignites fight with baby mama

Ghanaian comedian, Nana Yaw Benson Oduro, popularly known as Funny Face, has resurfaced online, once again slamming his children’s mother, Vanessa, over custody issues.

Funny Face recovering from depression that endangered his career, has resumed his rants on social media.

According to the comic actor, Vanessa reconnected with him and allowed him to talk to the children on video call after four years.

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However, in a sudden change of events, Funny Face said his baby mama has stopped picking his calls.

Baffled by Vanessa’s sudden shift, he expressed his disappointment, feeling misled by her initial gestures of reconciliation.

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“In life, the most treacherous person is two-faced. Someone who changes like a chameleon.

“Vanessa, it’s been four years since you separated me from the kids. When I apologized to Bola Ray and he forgave me, I extended that forgiveness to you too. Then you came back, pleading for co-parenting, professing your love for me, and so on. Was it all a facade? Did you realize I wasn’t taking your words seriously? Because I knew you were insincere. You reignited my love for our kids, only to snatch them away again.

“Now you dodge my calls, claiming to be busy or asleep, or having others answer on your behalf. But my calls aren’t about you; they’re about seeing my children. Four years without them is tormenting. You know how much I adore them. After all the suffering you’ve caused me, you’re doing it again? The kids will grow up and understand what I’ve endured. No amount of influence from your family can alter their perception of me,” he conveyed in an Instagram post.

Fed up with the mistreatment he faces when requesting to see his children, Funny Face declared, “Take the children and raise them… I’m tired of battling to see my own flesh and blood. I’ll sell my assets, relocate to another country, and start anew!” he said in his Instagram page.

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