Piesie Esther and Empress Gifty are carnal gospel musicians – Apostle Lenny Akpadie

Gospel musician Apostle Lenny Akpadie has said that the gospel music industry is losing its fire and becoming more carnal by the day.

Speaking to Roselyn Felli in an interview on Joy Prime, he asserted that some Ghanaian gospel musicians are diverting from preaching the gospel to promoting themselves.

According to him, the gospel music industry which is being carnalised by the dressing and appearance of some gospel artistes, is leading people astray.

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“Your attention is on the dress the ladies are wearing more than the message. You’re looking at how they move themselves and it’s so attractive that you lose the message.”

“We are getting less and less of spiritualized sheep doing gospel music and introducing of the world.”

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The ‘Most High God’ hit maker cited Piesie Esther, who he claims shows her cleavage in pictures, and Empress Gifty, who according to him promotes herself more than the work of God, as examples of carnalisation in the gospel music industry.

“Gifty came here [Referring to Joy Prime] last week. She was talking about her brand and promoting herself. That’s carnality! There’s an extent to which you promote your work because what you are looking for, God is looking for it for you more than yourself,”

Despite his view, the ‘Great Things’ composer explained that “I’m not saying that she should not promote her event. I’m saying that she should preach the Christ. She should talk about people coming to encounter the Holy Ghost during the event. That’s the message we are carrying in songs.”

Apostle Lenny Akpadie graced the gospel industry with spirit-filled songs between the early and late 90s.

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