There won’t be Dumsor under my Presidency – Akpaloo

The leader for Liberal Party Of Ghana (LPG), Percival Kofi Akpaloo has said that he will fix Ghana’s energy challenges when elected President of the country in the December polls.

“If I become the President, there will be no dumsor in Ghana. I will make sure the electricity supply is not managed by one company, this is to give chance to people to buy electricity from any company they want. Every government work in the country, will buy they their own electricity…,” he pledged on Angel Morning Show on Wednesday, 20th March, 2024.

The controversial politician likened Ghana’s system to that of countries like the United Kingdom and Ireland insisting that Ghana’s system is being abused.

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According to him, ECG is encountering problems mainly because of the numerous illegal connections and the failure of several corporate bodies and government agencies to pay their bills.

“Electricity meters will be freely installed on people’s houses, to cease individuals from using fraudulent ways to access electricity in the country…,” he pledged.

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The monopoly in energy distribution, he added, will also be broken.

“ECG has no competitor, so they don’t care, because it is also a government company, they are slacking in their duties because they know when they run at a lost, government will still invest in them. Private companies such as MTN are doing their best to provide better services because they have competitors and do not want to run at a lost. If private companies are given a chance to compete with them, ECG will provide better services,” he said.

Mr Akpaloo therefore pledged to break this monopoly and invite other private companies into the energy distribution chain.

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