Tension brews at Breman Larbikrom as angry man destroys 12 acre Cocoa Farm

Smallholder farmers at Breman-Larbikrom in the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa District of the Central Region have bemoaned the destruction of their farmlands by one person.

According to Mr. Isaac Eyiah, the leader of the aggrieved farmers, on the 15th of March 2024, they went to the farm and met the suspect, Jeffrey Sarpong and two other accomplices with chainsaw machines busily cutting down 12 and a half acres of cocoa farms.

He said the destroyed farms which are valued at millions of Ghana Cedis belong to 4 different farmers who have spent about 10 years of their lives working on it just to fend for themselves and improve the lives of their families.

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“It is the only property we have and that is what the hundreds of family members depend on it, we cannot sit aloof for someone to use just a single day to destroy our lifetime investment,” Eyiah said.

This has unarguably fueled tension in the community as the victims have vowed revenge if authorities fail to intervene.

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When asked why would the suspect commit such a heinous crime, Mr. Eyia explained the suspect was claiming ownership of the land hence the destruction; an argument which was not upheld by the Assin Fosu District Court since he holds no document title to that effect.


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