35-year-old Midwife Bleeds to Death After Delivery at Koforidua

    A 35-year-old midwife, Priscilla Baah, has died from postpartum haemorrhage after she gave birth at Newland Hospital, a private health facility in Koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

    It is alleged that the sad incident occurred due to negligence on the part of the health officers on duty at the private facility, but insider information obtained by has revealed that was not the case.

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    Every required protocol was followed meticulously at the private hospital that has become a desired place for many expectant mothers due to its professional service.

    It is indicated that the midwife who worked at St. Joseph Hospital gave up the ghost on Friday, May 28, 2021, after she was transferred from the Newland Hospital to the regional hospital.

    Priscilla Baah: 35-year-old Nurse Bleeds to Death After Delivery at Koforidua
    Priscilla Baah: 35-year-old Nurse Bleeds to Death After Delivery at Koforidua Credit: Pulse Ghana

    The haemorrhage was reportedly noticed and managed before the situation, unfortunately, got out of hand after the woman was referred. Some health professionals have said that the midwife life could have been saved if the ambulance supposed to transport her to the regional hospital had arrived much earlier.

    The early arrival of the ambulance would have accorded the Regional Hospital more time to handle the situation. The late midwife was married and has left behind three children including the newborn.

    The case is currently pending audit.

    In other news, a 30-year-old Ghanaian lady who was on her way to becoming a midwife made a sudden switch to become a corrections officer and has been awarded a UN medal for her role and relentless service.



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