37 Military Nursing And Midwifery Training College Admits Students

    The 37 Military Nursing and Midwifery Training College (NMTC) has admitted 253 fresh students to pursue various nursing programmes.

    The newly admitted students will undertake Registered Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery programme.

    Speaking at the matriculation ceremony, the Director of Nursing at the International Maritime Hospital, Joana Agyeman-Yeboah, said the 37 NMTC had contributed immensely to the growth of healthcare in the country and beyond.

    She said, as freshly admitted students, the primary responsibility was to focus on their education in order to achieve their goals of becoming professional nurses and midwives.

    “The process of becoming nurses and midwives requires self-discipline, diligence, commitment, self-control and hard work,” she added.


    The acting Principal of the 37 NMTC, Ann Oduro-Ahin, said during this year’s academic process, the college received hundreds of applications.

    Out of that, she said, 253 applicants comprising 203 females and 50 males were admitted.

    Mrs Oduro-Ahin explained that 156 were pursuing diploma in registered general nursing and 97 in registered midwifery.

    She noted that the core function of the college was to create skillful, discipline and dedicated nurses and midwives.

    “We have, over the years, chalked up lots of successes, and our graduates can be found all over Ghana and beyond, and in very big dignifying positions,” she added

    Mrs Oduro-Ahin further said the success story of the school could not be attained without discipline and hard work which were keys to achieving academic excellence.


    The acting principal advised students to work hard, manage their time and cultivate good friends if they wanted a bright future.

    “For many of you matriculants this is your first exposure to independent living. Please manage your newly gained freedom wisely” she added

    She also advised them not to “postpone the learning of your lessons until exam time. Learn in class as your tutors teach and use the internet wisely to complete your lesson notes”

    Mrs Oduro-Ahin noted that a digital library would be available for the students to enhance their academic work.

    “As you may be aware, we have internet access all over the campus to enhance your studies. You are therefore encouraged to spend time to do your academic work and take advantage of these facilities that have been made available”

    She also made mention of some challenges the school was faced with and cited inadequate hostel facilities to accommodate more students.

    “We don’t have a bus big enough to take out students for educational trips and extracurricular activities,” she noted

    She also said that the school did not have a hall big to accommodate both the students and staff for functional events.






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