48-year-old woman dies after being attacked by Antelope

    A 48-year-old woman, Edjome Jacha from the Oti Regional capital, Dambai, has died after being attacked by an antelope in the Dambai forest.

    Edjome Jacha who hails from Dambai on Monday May 17,2021 got attacked by an antelope from the forest while picking up mangoes to go and sell as part of her daily survival activities and engaging her husband’s brother whom she met on her way in a conversation.

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    Her husband’s brother who was with her chased the antelope away and rushed her to the Dambai Hospital but was referred to the Hohoe hospital where she lost her life.

    Hunters from the Kokomba tribe after news broke rushed into the forest and killed the antelope after performing some rituals which proved the antelope was a human being.

    Upor Gmafudal who is the kokomba chief has therefore ordered for another ritual to be performed in order to pacify the soul of the late Edjome Jacha.



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