5 Ghanaian celebrities who used Public Relation to their ‘sweet’ advantage


    Many Ghanaian celebrities tend to be very careful with their everyday dealings. Others too would care less about what the public though about them and lived freely.

    However, in this day and age, celebrities are learning a lot of things and are applying it to their everyday lives.

    In order to remain relevant in the eyes of the public, a celebrity had to do things that appealed to his or her target market.

    In this respect, public relations is one of the areas that a celebrity needed to tread cautiously with in order to remain in the ‘good books’ of his or her fans and followers.

    This being said, some fans were not really bothered if their favorite celebrity was in the news for the right or wrong reasons.

    All that really mattered was that they were in the news.

    Public opinion plays a very vital role in the showbiz industry now and every celebrity worth his or her salt has started taking public opinion and reactions seriously.

    Any move made by a celebrity could have a myriad repercussions and even interpretations.

    If care is not taken, just one act can ruin the career of a celebrity. Today, brings to you some celebrities who masterfully used PR stunts to their advantage.

    1. Shatta Wale

    Known in real life as Charles Nii Armah Mensah, Shatta Wale is best known for a lot of controversies.

    In a very recent happening, he reportedly slapped one of his bodyguards at a concert.

    He received a lot of backlash for the action. Days afterwards, he was seen buying a motorbike for the ‘slapped’ bodyguard; a move that many people applauded him for.

    His move made many ‘angry’ Ghanaians forget about the ‘hefty’ slap and focused their discussion on his philanthropic deed.

    The PR move saw many people also hilariously trying to get the “Ayoo” hit maker to buy them motor bikes too.

    2. Shatta Michy

    Longtime girlfriend of Shatta Wale known in the showbiz industry as Shatta Michy also expertly employed a PR move to sell her new single titled cheating.

    In the early days of the New Year, rumors were rife that Shatta Michy, born Diamond Michelle Gbagonah had been thrown out of Shatta Wale’s house over a cheating incidence.

    A lot of ‘noise’ was made on the matter with a lot of media houses reporting the incident.

    After getting all the attention she needed with her PR gimmick, Shatta Michy revealed that the rumors were untrue and unveiled the reason behind the rumors.

    Her latest single, “Cheating” had garnered enough social media attention to go viral when it was released.

    3. Berla Mundi

    In December last year, “Heels and Sneakers” actress, Yvonne Nelson accused Berla Mundi of dating a married man and also accused her of gossiping about her (Yvonne).

    Later on, self-proclaiming queen of Ghana comedy, Afia Schwarzenegger also called out Berla Mundi and alleged that she was dating a married politician.

    Berla Mundi however did not respond to any of these allegations even though her fans and followers wanted to hear her side of the story.

    In reaction, she started a social media campaign about being confident with no makeup as a lady.

    The PR stunt caught on well and it managed to quell the raging allegations levelled against her by both Yvonne Nelson and Afia Schwarzenegger.

    4. Yvonne Nelson

    The “Heels and Sneakers” actress made headlines when rumors started going round that she was pregnant.

    The actress was able to conceal her pregnancy from the public and left many of her fans and followers wondering if she was really pregnant or not.

    On her birthday, she made a big reveal that she had been pregnant all along and that she was involved with a celebrity British photographer, Jamie Roberts.

    There was a lot of media attention over her childbirth all in preparation for a reality series she shot while waiting to deliver her baby girl.

    The PR stunt worked magic for her.

    5. Ebony Reigns

    The “Date your father” hit maker not too long ago was at the receiving end of criticism for video of her that went viral. Many people accused the musician of ‘indecent exposure’ and some people slammed her stagecraft.

    The musician however managed to turn all the criticism around when she came out to say that the viral video was as a result of a wardrobe malfunction.

    In her next outings, she was seen ‘properly’ dressed and it won her many lovers and praise as well.

    While riding on the plaudits that were coming her way, she used it as an opportunity to release of domestic violence themed song titled “Maame Hwe” which has tacked up phenomenal views on YouTube.