5 high risk areas in that suffers crime, lawlessness


    One of the key things every resident looks out for before choosing a locality to dwell in is security. In the Greater Accra Region for instance, there continue to be varied reports of crime in various localities some residents having the worst number of crime rates.

    Cases of crime extend from armed robbery to kidnapping, defilement and even internet scam. To this effect, will present to you the list of some residential areas known for disturbing stories of crime.

    1. Ashaiman 

    Located in the Southern part of Ghana, Ashaiman remains one of the largest towns in the capital of Accra as it also stands as the capital of Ashaiman Municipal District, a district in Greater Accra Region.

    But unfortunately, this part of town continues to report worrying stories of crime especially street robberies and the snatching of private vehicles.

    2. James Town 

    This is a town embedded with rich history and culture about the Ga people and Ghana as a whole. With the thousands of tourists it continues to attract on a yearly basis, James Town also is fond of cases of street robbery, scam and so on.

    In fact, a US report on the Crime outlook in Accra has even deepened the call for tourists to be extra careful especially when plying the streets at night.

    3. Lapaz 

    One other problematic area of concern in Accra is the township of Accra. This area recently recorded a shocking car-snatching scene which saw a police officer lose his life in the process.

    Residents have themselves complained against the proliferation of thugs in the area and thus called on the police to intervene.

    4. Circle Interchange

    Being a generally populated market space and hub for transportation services, this area of town in Accra is also home to various forms of indiscipline in the capital.

    Passers-by are thus advised to clenching tight their bags or better still keeping their valuables very much safe.

    5. Agbogbloshie

    The market scene of Agbogbloshie is also one of the high-risk areas in the Accra.

    Being the melting pot of various tribes from the Northern Region, the township recently suffered some bouts of clashes between Kokombas and Nanumbas which lead to the death of two persons.

    The list goes on and on but we shall be very grateful if you shared with us how safe your area is. We will be so glad to read your submissions.