$6 billion worth of good goes waste in Ghana


    A report conducted by the Chefs For Change Ghana Foundation (CFCG), a non-profit food organization has revealed that over 45% of food in Ghana today goes uneaten.

    The effect of this, according to the founder, Chef Elijah Amoo Addo is that the venerable in society go hungry.

    He indicated that, uneaten food ends up rotting in landfills, as the single largest component of Ghana’s solid waste.

    As the world marks World Food Day, Chef Amoo Addo underscored the need for integrated approaches from public-private partnerships with the goal of launching a cross-sectoral alliance and establishing concrete commitments to reduce food loss and waste throughout the food supply chain.

    His organization uses food donated from companies to create sustainable means of nutrition for the vulnerable in society.

    He and a team of volunteers often go to schools, communities and orphanages to cook meals for the vulnerable with donated food.

    With the supplies it has sourced, Food for All Ghana is able to feed three different wards, with patients clearly enjoying their meals.

    Chef Amoo Addo noted that food is a resource like gold and effort must be made for everyone to have at least a square meal a day.

    “Government should create an enabling environment for businesses through the National Food Encouragement Policy” he stressed.