VIDEO: ‘No serious sex goes beyond 5 minutes’- Ghanaian doctor


    A video of a TV guest identified as Effa Bafo Gyamfi, who we assume is a doctor, has made some interesting revelations about s.ex and other wide range topics in the studios of Kantanka TV.

    Mr. Gyamfi raised salient points during the health-themed discussion which ultimately struck us so much that we decided to share it with you.

    According to him, no serious s.ex will go beyond five minutes because one must be able to derive full ecstasy leading to a climax within that time.


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    He rightly pointed out that people mistakenly use what they see in p.onographic movies as the foundation for their own s.ex life which is absolutely wrong.

    The doctor as we call him for the purpose of this report said these actors in p.orn movies take medicines and other enhancements meant to prolong the act to buttress the theme of the visuals.

    Watch the excerpt of what he said below;