FDA Lab receives ISO accreditation

    The Centre for Laboratory Services and Research (CLSR) of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) in Ghana has increased its ISO 17025:2017 testing scope after completing an assessment by the internationally recognized National Accreditation Board (ANAB) of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)with effect 3rd June 2021.

    This puts the Laboratory of Ghana’s FDA in the lead with the largest ISO accreditation scope in Africa.

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    Compared to previous ISO accreditation, the 2021 ISO 17025:2017 assessment of the laboratory has a wider scope covering an additional nine (9) parameters of laboratory tests and analysis (Cosmetics and Household Chemical Substances), which include Assay by Spectrophotometry, Identification, Assay by Titration, pH and Loss on drying tests, which led to the accreditation of the FDA Laboratory.

    This adds to the already existing accredited four (4) laboratories namely: Drug Physicochemical, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Food Microbiology and Medical Devices.

    As a result of the 2021 ISO accreditation, the FDA has now attained more leverage and international recognition in the testing of regulated products.

    Overall, the Authority has attained increased competence in laboratory testing from 40 (then the highest in Africa) to an impressive 49 accredited parameters at one site based on scientifically proven facts.

    This achievement places the FDA in an enviable position to compete favourably with laboratories in the Western World.

    The accreditation will not only allow the Authority to test cosmetics but also to issue Export Certificates by section 131 of the Public health act,2021 (Act 851), which will be internationally recognized, thereby increasing the scope and reach of cosmetics produced under AFCFTA.

    Under the circumstances, locally manufactured products like foods, drugs, herbal and other household chemical substances that are certified by the FDA, would be considered as having met international standards.

    The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mrs Delese Mimi Darko in a statement ascribed the accreditation as a significant milestone to two factors; the dedication and tenacity of the staff working in the Laboratory; and the Quality System policies of the Laboratory for robust testing, using international standards.

    She has urged all staff to uphold the high standards of the Authority for more landmark achievements.

    The Head of the Laboratory, Mr Eric Karikari-Boateng in response, was full of gratitude to the CEO and management of the Authority for their support in entrenching high safety standards in the Laboratory and for the provision of resources to deliver timely and accurate analysis in fulfilment of the Authority’s mandate.


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