Women are ungrateful, forgetful – Opanin Kwadwo Kyere


    Expecting a woman’s gratitude as a motivating factor to do more is something you will rarely get or possibly wait all your life for, in fact, you might end up really not doing any more because of the high chances that you won’t be appreciated, this is the observation by renowned marriage counsellor, Opanin Kwadwo Kyere.

    According to him, it is in the woman’s nature to either show ingratitude or forget some very little or rather exceptional things her spouse may have done for her at one time or the other in marriage.

    “Most women are either ungrateful or forgetful, that’s your problem, if it is not forgetfulness, it certainly is ungratefulness. When your husband has done something for you and you are to praise him to encourage him to do more, you won’t do it”.

    Whilst admonishing husbands to go the extra mile to support their wives in their ambitions and endeavours to help them attain higher heights, he admitted that that might not be an easy task as these men are most likely to be dispirited by the unappreciative nature of their wives.

    He however urged them to look past this factor and do their bid as good husbands.

    For the wives he advised that they desist from those attitudes and begin to honor and praise their husbands even for the very little things they do as helpmates so as to get the best out of their husbands.

    “Address your husband as ‘the best of them all’, let him feel like he is the best of his class. When you go home for instance, hold your husband’s hand and ask him ‘one of a kind”, what will you eat? Etc. you’ll see how ‘gladly and happily’ he will follow you”.

    Opanin Kwadwo Kyere was addressing the congregation at a marriage seminar at the Ringway Gospel Church last Thursday.