Commonwealth hall is one of the four traditional halls of the University of Ghana and the only all male hall in the University. There are many things about commonwealth hall that makes them very unique from the rest of the halls.

And this uniqueness is what makes Commonwealth hall what it is.

Check out the reasons why Commonwealth hall is so unique:

1. They have the best architecture

Despite what you’ve probably heard about their boys, Commonwealth Hall is the nicest looking of all the halls in legon. They have beautiful gardens, fountains and status that make their surroundings very pretty.

2. Vandals stick together

One thing that makes Vandals unique is that, their boys always stick together. Whenever a decision is taken by the hall JCR, everybody upholds it even if it goes against them because if you don’t, Asem atu wo.

3. Vandal City has produced some of the most prominent men in Ghana.

The hall has produced many famous alumni notable of them included Ghana’s most handsome President, John Dramani Mahama as well as many other big men.


4. Your food, My Food

Commonwealth hall is a place that is known for a lot of generosity. A student can survive in the hall without bringing his own food because food for one member of the hall is food for all.

5. Respect for tradition

The hall has a rich tradition which has been in practice since who knows when. They respect the chiefs of their hall and customs that have been laid down since time in memorial.

6. Vandals know how to finesse any legon girl.

Commonwealth Hall boys have a unique charisma that enable them to get any girl they want on campus even though they don’t have w3. They are the true definition of Guru’s song Boys Boys.

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7. Their Hall Weeks are LITT!

Commonwealth has always made sure they organise their hallweek last and they really show out during that week. Their most recent hallweek brought campus to a stand still when M.I Abaga made an appearance.

8. Discipline reigns in Commonwealth.

When everybody is suppose to wear their famous red vandal lacoste, everybody wears it unlike other halls who can’t even coordinate a common clean up. Also when going on their Minimpinim, Obiara k) bi.

Source: OMG Ghana