85% power restored across Ghana- ECG announces


    The Electricity Company of Ghana ECG says it has restored power to over 85 percent of its customers who were affected by last night’s massive power outage.

    The electricity distributor says it has experienced some few challenges including the poor planning in some communities which has slowed down the restoration of power.

    Around 10:00 pm Wednesday, the whole country was plunged into darkness after a rather innocuous showers of rain.

    It is not clear yet what may have accounted for the total darkness.

    Even though a good number of communities across the country had their power restored last night some areas are yet to receive power.


    Speaking to Joy News, head of communications at ECG William Boateng explained the delay is due to some challenges it encountered earlier and promised the situation will be improved soon.

    “Historically when the rains threaten we go through these challenges but i am expecting that things will normalize soon. We are on the ground,” he assured.

    He could not tell exactly what caused the outages, except to say that situation in terms of power restoration is encouraging.

    He conceded parts of Accra were still in darkness and cited Mallam and its environs as some of the areas affected.

    “The projection is that in the next two hours we will bring power,” he assured.

    Consumers were left in anguish and anger after sleeping in darkness for hours. It is hoped the situation will soon normalize.