A god’s election – Short story

    All the houses that led to the Kansie shrine had no aluminum roofing. The first thing you noticed at the premises were the skull of donkeys in the rocks that housed the shrine. The skulls were kept buried because whenever it was left in the sun, the entire village suffered migraines. Everyone who entered the shrine had to be topless.

    No one ever returned from Kansie still bearing whatever issue had caused them to enter into it in the first place. This was where recognized fetish priests sought fortification from; and where they directed important people to seek help when they knew they could not handle the situation they brought with them.

    One had to be parsimonious and ready to do as was directed, because when the gods decided on what sacrifice they wanted, no appeal was heard.

    The national election was in two weeks and Fynn Aggrey was contesting. This was his second time running and although six others had picked up nomination forms, it was a clear contest between Fynn and Nii Adamah. Nii had beaten him by 400 votes in the last two elections and by 150 in the very last one that was held; and what he knew was that it wasn’t going to happen again this time.

    He had pleasant looking features and had always been very articulate. He had a gentle demeanor that easily masked his competitive, almost aggressive nature. Fynn knew one had to be willing to spend and had given monies to delegates, voters, electoral commissioners, chiefs, basically to everyone that mattered in the country yet that bald headed Nii always managed to beat him. He had thought of backing out of the elections this year, and saving up his investments but his wife had convinced him that Nii had something he had not really paid attention to. Spiritual help.

    Efe went with him on the day he went to see the priest. They agreed for her to sit outside because as much as he revered the gods, he was not willing to share his wife’s nakedness with them.

    If there was one thing he was proud of for achieving in his life, it was that she had agreed to marry him. Even his sworn enemies could not hide their admiration when they set their eyes on her. Even after bearing four children, her voluptuous curves remained.
    The gods of Kansie allowed for a person to make an exception of what they were unwilling to sacrifice. One exception. Besides that, one had no choice. The gods simply took whatever they preferred in exchange for what was to be granted. The one thing he knew he would never give up was Efe. Anyone else could go, even his mother. How easy it would all be if he could simply offer Nii as sacrifice .


    Efe sat about five minutes away from the shrine and watched as her husband entered. He was always willing to do everything to make their lives better and she was glad he had finally agreed to come to the great priest to seek help. She had been told by some friends that Nii had a powerful priest he visited regularly and had urged her to direct him here. Fynn was very hardworking, but hardwork alone had never won anyone power before, and no one could convince her otherwise.

    She was worried about the sacrifice he would have to make and often wondered what she would do if one of her children was taken. But she was still young, and so was her husband. They could make another baby. They would even start trying for one as soon as they got home. She smiled at the thought.

    If there was one thing she knew, it was that all of Fynn’s exes envied her. He may not have a reputation of winning elections but they could never deny his sexual prowess. He was a great lover and none of them could deny that fact. The way he took time to adore every single part of her body and had her gyrating with pleasure before finally entering her. She stretched her neck, trying to catch a glimpse into the shrine. Whatever the gods took would leave them distraught, but she was more than willing to make it up to him that evening. She wondered if she could take a quick trip to Dubai to buy clothes for the post election Thanksgiving service. She was going to make sure the service was aired on national tv so those jealous witches who had mocked them every time saw her. They should just wait.

    Nana looked up from the cowries lined up before him.
    “You are aware the gods will take something from you?”
    “Yes please.”
    “You have the option of mentioning one thing that must not be taken.” “My wife. Anything but my wife”

    The priest smiled. The beauty of this man’s wife was something even he had heard of. He stared at the cowries before him again. When he turned back to Fynn, the smile had vanished and his face looked so fearsome he almost fell off his seat. He could have sworn Nana suddenly looked like one of the skulls displayed in the shrine!
    “You will win this election”
    ‘Thank you, Nana”
    “The gods have decided on your manhood. You want power, you must give up your power” Fynn’s hand flew to his penis, “No Nana, not this. Please No, my wife..”
    “You may leave now”.

    Source: Naana Antwi-Larbi

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