Male right activist, Yaa Boatemaa Asafo Adjei has lauded President Akufo-Addo’s comment about Ghanaian Women which many people see it as controversial when he spoke at the women deliver conference in Vancouver Canada

Some Ghanaians have demanded that, President Akufo-Addo renders unqualified apology for making those controversial statements that sought to communicate that gender-based groups have not been active enough but, the Men activist see it as irrelevant.

According to her, she believes in ‘equity’ more than ‘equal opportunity’.
She said, “a role of a man is different from that of a woman. A woman can never be compared to a man, that is one thing we need to understand.

In terms of opportunities, I believe in equity. I don’t mind a man being more than me because that is his role from the beginning of creation.

I am his helping hand so where he is suffering from, like the Bible said, I have to come and fill that gap. That is the role of a woman”

Speaking to Felicity Nelson on Accra based Class 91.3 FM monitored by, the male right activist boldly said “NO” when Felicity Nelson asked whether she believes Women are disproportionately represented as against men.

She said, 18 women as Ministers are enough in Ghana.
President Akufo-Addo in his contribution at the Women Deliver Conference in Canada, said he is yet to see dynamism in Ghanaian women.

“We are not seeing enough dynamism and activism on the part of those who are seeking. I am talking about dynamism where it matters…electing people to Parliament, controlling political parties because they are the instruments by which our societies make decisions.
We are talking about decisions, not wishes and hopes, we are talking about decisions that are going to make the difference,”

Yaa Boatemaa Asafo Adjei narrated that, Men in the President Akufo-Addo’s government are doing much better than that of the women.

“In our nation now, we have a lot of women been at the top, how many of these women, and what changes have they really brought to the system”

I believe that if Men are given that much of opportunity and to operate in our nation, there will be so much going on.

Every job that any Minister has being given to my knowledge, I think they are delivering to their best capabilities. They are doing what they have to do”

Commenting on issues related to sanitation, she said Sanitation has nothing to do with the Man being the Minister, it has to do with us as people.

“A lot of people that are putting refuse dump in gutters, these are not Men doing it, a lot of videos going viral on social media, you’ve seen women pouring rubbish in the gutters, are they been caused by men.

Most of the women selling at the traffic are the same people putting refuse dump by the road side. So, all the refuse that has been caused by the road side, everywhere in the market, how many of Men are in there. It’s Women!

It is our responsibility as women to clear these things up, so if you are failing at this, how do you want us to be at the head and to rule the nation…”, she said

Source: Ghana | | William Kabutey Dosoo


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