Everything is not about your village people or old women in the village.

Some are costly mistakes you have made in your past or present relationship.

What you should know…….

It’s an error to allow a man to enjoy the benefits of marriage, while he kept you as a girlfriend.

Not every man that is financially OK, is mentally ready for marriage.
Marry purpose not side attraction.

If you don’t feel anything for him, it’s risky to marry him, this is not ‘people’s marriage’ but your marriage..

Marriage is the Union of two purpose, not a Union of sexy babe and six pack boo..

If you don’t trust a man, don’t claim to love him,
Because love without trust, is a child’s play.

Asking to know is not desperation, no man embarks on a journey without destination.
Is not wrong to ask ” what is your plans for us”

Some parents are selfish oriented. Don’t marry for money or wealth.
Marry your friend and consider your happiness

Do not trust any of your fellow ladies, until you’re sure of the kind of man you’re dating.
( The only best friend you have is ” YOU”)

No man has right over your body, except the one that has married.
Never use SEX to show love..

A man who truly loves you must make out time for you, he avoids unnecessary excuses.

if you allow “attention” and “communication” to be one sided, he will take you for granted.
Allow a man to prove his love.

Do not fight your fellow lady over a man. (Relationship)
Kindly give them space because a gentle man knows what he wants..

Never you beg a man to see your parents..
Most men see it as desperation..

A woman is like a flower, you have your shinning days and dry season.
Do not wait for a man without tangible commitment.

When you’re celebrating a boyfriend, you’re reducing your bride price, I’m ready is not by mouth but by taking up your responsibility.

Be wise like Esther in the bible to know when a man is available to ‘use’ you or to ‘build’ you.( Esther 8:5)