A/R: MTTD lacks towing vehicles


    The Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service in Ashanti Region is lamenting the lack of logistics to tow faulty heavy duty vehicles from roads.

    Speaking on Akoma FM‘s current affairs and political show GhanAkoma, the regional Commander Supt Emmanuel Adu Boahene explained that “the police has goodwill and passion to work but most often we are handicapped. Specific logistics, tools and equipment to work are unavailable so most times our hands are tied, nonetheless we work with the available equipment to save life and property”.

    The lamentations of the Ashanti Region MTTD Commander came when host of the show Aduanaba Kofi Asante Ennin reported a faulty articulator truck on the Sofoline-Patasi stretch and how swift the MTTD can move in to tow the truck to avoid hectic traffic.

    Superintendent Aduboahene bemoaned his outfit does not have a towing capacity to lift faulty heavy duty trucks from the road.

    “Those yellow towing trucks are for private companies so as and when we need their services, they come in and ascertain the situation the faulty vehicle owner will pay the price then we the police will supervise the operation to ensure the road is cleared but as it stands, neither the MTTD nor the Road Safety Authority has such towing capacity.”

    He further explained how the unavailability of such towing vehicles is affecting the operations of the MTTD in the Region because strategic location of the region sees many heavy vehicles from Burkina Faso and Niger transiting to Accra and Tema so the spectacle of faulty heavy duty trucks on Kumasi roads is very prevalent hence the need to boost towing capacities of the MTTD.