A1 ‘bread saga: Ghanaians ‘too harsh’ on John Dumelo – Actor


    Fast rising actor, Godwin Namboh has condemned reactions by some members of the public to a picture of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) graduate hawking bread posted by actor, John Dumelo, on social media.

    According to the actor, the reactions of a section of the public to the picture was too harsh and hence called on Ghanaians to tone down on their criticisms of him.

    John Dumelo received serious backlash after his post and later apologized to the ‘hawker’ who turned out to be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of A1 bread, a popular bakery in the Ashanti region.

    Godwin Namboh bemoaned the harsh words thrown at John Dumelo for his post last Tuesday and called for people to remember celebrities are also humans and thus fallible.

    In an interview with Times Weekend, the actor mentioned that, John Dumelo’s reaction was not different from how any other person would have reacted.

    “It is almost as if most people can’t wait for you to make the slightest societal blunder just so they can pounce on you. I am thrilled by the various lashing outs he’s received concerning his post about the KNUST graduate hawker.

    “I am also a graduate of the University of Ghana and if I saw my mate hawking bread, water, biscuit, drinks, in whatever form or package, my reaction may not be different. I wouldn’t either begrudge my mates or be surprised if they reacted similarly until they get to know what I am really doing on the streets.”

    The handsome actor who has about 20 movies to his credit expressed worry about the rate at which society was gradually conforming to habitual careless remarks on people who have toiled so hard to build their Career.

    Godwin explained that John Dumelo could have been genuinely concerned about the “plight” of the bread hawker who happened to be his mate in school.

    He advised members of the public not to be in haste in passing judgment adding that while he also shared the opinion that the post could be embarrassing to the young man, it may not have been intended for such purpose.

    The actor who made his debut in the award winning television series, “heartbreak hotel” has also worked with the likes of John Dumelo, Helen Asante, Juliet Ibrahim, Anthony Woods, Henry Adofo, Joselyn Dumas, Judith Asante and Shirley Frimpong amongst others.

    He is currently working on starting a website for actors in Africa which would be a platform for discovering new talents, receiving audition notices and tracking projects.