Accra taxi drivers increase short-distance fare to GHS10

    The Greater Accra Taxi Drivers Association of the Private Transport Operators has announced that the fare for short-distance trips within Accra has been increased to GHS10.

    According to the drivers, despite the several increases in fares, they were charging the old fare.

    “We were charging the old fares because we were afraid of losing passengers and burdening them with cost,” the drivers said in a statement.

    However, the drivers said the cost of fuel and spare parts keep soaring coupled with other taxes which have affected their daily sales.

    “The restraint for not increasing the short-distance fare is making us run at a loss. We are, therefore, pleading with the general public to come to terms with the new fares,” the statement said.

    This comes a week after a 20 per cent transport fare hike was announced by the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) and other unions.





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