Adom FM’s Ohemaa Woyeje loses dad


    Popular radio presenter, Ohemaa Woyeje, has lost her dad to a sudden mysterious ailment.

    The radio presenter who is currently devastated and broken has been greeted with several bad news prior to the ending of the year 2017.

    She was first hit with the sad news of KABA’s death and nearly lost her job with the Multimedia as the host of ‘Work and Happiness’.

    Her dear dad died on Tuesday, December, 5 2017.

    However, Ohemaa, who could not put herself up, took to her social media handle pages with the caption: It’s sad! It’s hard! It’s difficult! It’s heart breaking!! I couldn’t bear the pain as I watched the lifeless body of my father In bed???????????? I pray he finds good rest.”

    She said, “my mother lost the father of her seven children, And my six brothers and I lost our father on the tuesday 5th December 2017!!. I pray for his soul. He lived for multitudes and died cuz of multitudes!!! Oldboy, ???? we all loved you genuinely and we know you loved us truly within your heart ????.”

    “We are your BLOOD just like you always emphasised on when you had life ???? BUT …. we can understand you better now that you are no more!!! You are gone from us physically but definitely not spiritually because the soul never dies???? #Forever In Our #Hearts???????????? Rest in peace Papa????… because of you I entered this world.”