Advice Asantes to obey our rules or… – Ga Traditional Council to Asante Chiefs

    The spokesperson of the Nungua Traditional Council, Nii Bortey Frankwa has appealed to various Akan chiefs to advice their people to adhere to the norms of the Ga-community when they come to live there.

    “The Ashantis have no right to come and celebrate Akwasidae which comes with a lot of noise in our Ga communities to disturb our peace because they are just visitors in our land,” Nii Bortey Frankwa warned.

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    The Nungua Traditional Council’s spokesperson in an interview with kofi Adoma on Accra-based Angel FM’s morning show which was monitored by the said the Gas are unhappy with the continuous disregard for their customs and traditions by people of other tribes particularly Asantes.

    “The Ashantis should adhere to the laws of our land when they come to live here because we can’t misbehave in their land.

    “They should stop speaking ill of us and our tradition if they want to be happy in our land,” he added.

    The spokesperson’s warning follows the description of Nungua, the Spiritual home of the Ga-Adangbe people as a hub of witches and wizards by a Pastor.

    The Pastor has since been fined and forced to apologize for making such disparaging remarks. Serwaa Appau


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