Afghanistan Taliban war: ‘Nigeria no be failed state and e no go be failed state’ – Lai Mohammed

    Nigeria Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, say although di world dey judge di kontri harshly, “Nigeria no be failed state and e no go be failed state.”

    Oga Mohammed tok dis one for Washington DC wen im dey ansa international tori pipo including BBC Radio and Television question on weda Nigeria situation go turn to wetin dey happun for Afghanistan.

    Taliban takeover Afghanistan capital, Kabul on Sunday, 15 August 2021 afta United States pull dia military troop comot from di kontri afta 20 years of fighting against di militant group.

    Di Nigeria minister say: “Failed state no be state wey you get challenge for one corner of di kontri, failed state na state wia everytin don shutdown and notin dey work.”

    Failed state mean kontri wey no fit to guaranty di safety of im kontri pipo; kontri wey no fit guaranty di wellbeing of im pipo. Many Nigerians believe say Nigeria qualify to be call failed state.

    But di minister believe say pipo wey dey tink of Nigeria as failed state dey “judge di kontri harshly.”

    Comparing di Nigeria situation wit di Afghanistan situation, Oga Mohammed say, di tin to understand about Nigeria security challenge be say, di challenge no be di same, for di northeast (of Nigeria) di challenge na from ideologist terrorist group, im tok.

    Wetin happun for Afghanistan na evidence to show say any fight wey dey based on ideology – ideas based on theory, policy or believe – no dey easy to win.

    Di minister believe say Nigeria dey win di war against insurgency and di evidence to show be say many of di Boko Haram fighters dey repent and many women wey dem kidnap dey come back.




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