Afia Schwar And Diamond Attacked Me Spiritually After Failing To Assassinate Me- Adu Safowaa Drops Bombshell

    Adu Safowaa claims that after trying to assassinate her physically and failing, her enemies Afia Schwarzenegger and Diamond Appiah took the matter to the spiritual realm.

    Safowaa claims the duo attacked her in her dreams but she was ready for them and fought them off.

    Adu Safowaa is in a one woman battle against those two loudmouth celebrities.

    She recently claimed that they sent someone to assassinate her at home but the person was unsuccessful.

    The murder attempt has now been sent to the spiritual realm but she beat that one back as well.

    Safowaa landed insults on the two ladies and warned them not to try her again.

    She also revealed that they had called her bosses trying to get her fired.

    Whatever beef or wahala these three ladies are fighting through, it’s not ending anytime soon.

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