Afia Schwarznegger reveals why Yvonne Nelson’s child birth is a payback time for Nigerians


    Ghanaian female comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger, has described Yvonne Nelson’s childbirth as a case of ‘Ghana beat Naija’.

    She explained that Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy known as Jamie, had a Nigerian girlfriend before he was ‘snatched’ by the ‘Heart of Men’ movie star.

    According to Afia, that is a payback time for Nigerians for what their musician Inyanya did to Yvonne some years back. The ‘Kukere’ hit maker and Yvonne Nelson’s had a ‘serious’ relationship which was not a secret.

    The two shared a beautiful love life until Inyanya disappointed Yvonne resulting in a broken heart.

    He went ahead to release a hit song titled ‘Your Waist’ in which he sang that all he ever wanted from Yvonne Nelson was her waist.

    That is, to sleep with her. The actress and Ghanaians in general became upset with Inyanya for treating Yvonne that way and called him an uncultured man.

    Therefore, Afia Shwarzeneger believes that the former girlfriend of Yvonne’s baby daddy is paying for the sins of Inyanya.

    “The fact that Yvonne has been able to snatch the man and have a child with him is Ghana beat Naija,” Afia said.

    To her, Yvonne harboured the bitterness of Inyanya and decided to unleash it on another Nigerian.

    Valerie Agyeiwaa, also known as Afia Schwarzenegger further praised Yvonne for being ‘creative’ in snatching her baby daddy from her former girlfriend.

    “In fact she did well by slimming down their relationship when she went buying slimming tea from the lady.” “Ghanaians are happy and we are behind her,” Afia said.

    Yvonne Nelson delivered a bouncy baby girl over a month ago. The baby daddy, Jamie, according to reports is a British photographer.

    Since the news broke out, many people have been talking. While some congratulated Yvonne on her childbirth, others condemned her for having a child out of wedlock.

    The matter took a different turn when a Nigerian lady known as Keela waded into the controversy claiming that Jamie was her husband.

    However Yvonne’s baby daddy responded that he had never been married.