Afro-Arab Group Chairman Extends Visit To Sheikh Ibrahim Basha

    Sheikh Ibrahim Basha in his remarks commended Alhaji Salamu Amadu affectionately known as 1 Chair for the visit and went ahead to say that people like Alhaji Salamu Amadu will become close to the Holy Prophet Mohammed(S.A.W).

    “I’m very excited to see Alhaji Salamu and his entourage here. Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedules to visit us here. People like you will be close to Our Holy Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him in heaven)”. Sheikh Ibrahim added.

    Chairman Salamu’s visit to Sheikh Ibrahim Basha in Tamale shows the respect he has for our opinion leaders in the zongo communities.

    The national Chief Imam of Ghana Sheikh Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu just recently coffered the ‘Owner Of Camel’ on him for his unflinching support to his office annually.

    1 Chair has taken upon himself to offer camel to the office of the National Chief Imam to slaughter to observe Eld-Fitr every year.

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