After sleeping with multiple men numbering about 100, Abena Korkor advises other women to stick to one man


    Abena Korkor has turned into a counsellor in a video she uploaded on the internet as she advises women to learn how to stick to one partner.

    Ironically this advice is coming from someone who has openly revealed that she has slept with over 100 men.

    Besides, she seems to be on a warpath with these men who go through her succulent thighs as she has been ‘kissing and telling’ her escapades with these men openly, a situation that has made her one of the most controversial celebs of the present generation.

    In this new video obtained from Van De Maestro, Abena Korkor asked women not to chase riches but try as much as possible to hustle with a man and build a fortune togethere.

    Beyond that, the mental health advocate said being a faithful woman and staying with a single man is the right thing to do as it gives room for the couple to flourish.

    This is interesting, isn’t it?