Prophet Badu Kobi reveals plot to poison Akufo Addo


    In Ghana, a common thing we see at the start of every New Year is an unending streak of prophecies from the many Men of God in the Country. The story in 2018 has not changed.

    The latest person to get his share of prophecies is President Akufo-Addo who has been cautioned by the Founder and Leader of the Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi to pay attention to whatever he eats.

    Speaking on Agoo TV’s Yensempa show, Prophet Badu Kofi said the Lord had revealed to him someone in the President’s inner circle was likely to poison him and called on the President to be extra vigilant.

    “The Lord revealed to me to caution the President in 2018 with regards to the food and water he takes as he is likely to be poisoned by someone very close to him,” he said.

    The man of God however refused to mention if the person going to poison him was from his political party or his family but emphasized that the person was from the President’s immediate surroundings.

    Prophet Kobi said even though he has not had the opportunity to communicate the prophecy to the president directly, He was confident that the president will get the word and stated he was ready to answer any question related to the prophecy.

    Other Prophecies

    Concerning the African continent, the Man of God said, we were likely to see a lot of coup d’états.

    According to him, Ghana as a country was not left out of this prophecy and called on all believers to join their faith together and pray against a possible coup d’états.

    The Founder and Leader of the Glorious Wave Church International also revealed that the country in 2018 will see financial difficulties despite efforts by government to improve on the Economy.

    He added that there were going to be many strikes and demonstrations by Groups and Individuals.