Akuapem Poloo ‘in tears’ as she shows kiosk she slept in during hard times

    “Oluwa is involved,” actress Akuapem Poloo has revealed as he shares personal information of her humble beginnings.

    The actress, born at Suhum in the Eastern Region, some 31 years ago, said she faced abject poverty as a child living with a single mother.

    She revealed she had to struggle to have daily meals and took up football career as far back as her school days.

    At that time, she was staying in a kiosk owned by her mother, which was also a make shift saloon when day breaks.

    Poloo, in a post she made on Instagram, revealed she ‘perched’ in the kiosk until she completed Senior High School (SHS).

    She shared photos of the wooden kiosk which was almost empty but for some hair products resting on a table.

    “I look at this picture and I cry always. This picture is just enough for you to understand why I will never give up in life when life hit you soo hard that you have to play football to get money to eat in the village lol never compare us with the Rich kid’s okay we are the real hustlers and we are still hustling OLUWA IS INVOLVED”.



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