Akuffo-Addo is yet to know what Ewes are made of- Prof Jarvis Bokor

    Folks, the widespread open display of concentrated contempt for Ewes by Akufo-Addo and his NPP camp defies reason. Whatever Akufo-Addo wants to use this kind of politics of hatred to accomplish lies in the womb of time. But let me say upfront that whoever advised him to do what his supporters (whether in the NPP or the security apparatus) are unleashing on Ewes has misled him. This horrible trend has horrendous consequences that will have a terrible boomerang effect on him. Ewes are resilient!! The hunter doesn’t reveal all.

    A careful, dispassionate, conscientious and level-headed observer of the Ghanaian political scene will not miss the fact that the stakes in Election 2020 are far higher than they were in previous elections, especially those that Akufo-Addo lost to Mills and Mahama. Isolating Ewes for brutalization and denationalization only darkens the corner for Akufo-Addo.

    His haranguing of Ghanaians and use of political arm-twisting, massive promise-making, manipulation of public conscience, and condescension to the extent of begging Ghanaians to “try” him too at Election 2016 gave him the leverage to be in power.

    Ghanaians have seen his kind of governance style and will juxtapose it with that of Mahama to make their electoral decision. It is not as if Akufo-Addo has outperformed Mahama or that under him, the existential problems of Ghanaians have been solved to the extent that they will automatically retain him in power.

    Much exists to prove that his governance style has a lot more of liabilities that threaten the state of Ghana, especially now that a lot is happening to polarize Ghanaians not only on the basis of political persuasion but also in terms of ethnicity. Happenings under Akufo-Addo have given much cause for apprehension because of the threat to national well-being from his camp.

    Let’s note that Akufo-Addo’s governance style, encapsulated in intolerance, vindictiveness, impulsiveness (to the extent of “capturing” and manipulating the institutions of state to do his bidding), and many other inadequacies threaten not only the citizenry but also the very foundation of Ghana.

    No day passes by without something coming from his stables to deepen crisis all over the place. It is as if he sees governance from only one dimension and won’t accept dissension or see the other side of the coin.

    Under this circumstance, the fabric of the Ghanaian entity is hugely threatened. Never has it happened in Ghana’s political history that the mere registration of prospective voters will be militarized for one purpose, which is to undermine the integrity of Ewes, criminalize them, and suppress them to the point of being denationalized. Not only is the affront against Ewes being launched in their own God-given territorial integrity, but they are targeted for victimization in many other parts of Ghana as the horrendous attacks on them, their intimidation, and brutalization confirm.

    If a mere voter registration exercise is used as an instrument of intimidation and violence against Ewes, what do we expect on Election Day? Brutal murders? What for? Just on suspicion that they are the livewire of the NDC? Who has ever targeted Akans (especially those in the Ashanti and Eastern Regions) who have traditionally rooted for the Danquah-Busia political culture? If not, why, then target Ewes on this score?

    Folks, what Election 2020 will give rise to in Ghana is in the womb of time, but the glimpses emerging thus far paint a gloomy picture to be serious wary of. I wonder if Ghana will still be the same then.

    What is incontrovertible is that despite the initial climate of disinterest or apathy for the voter registration exercise (apparently because of the controversies arising from the Jean Mensa-led EC’s intransigence and bulldozing of its way to do as it set out to, apparently at the instigation of Akufo-Addo and the NPP camp), happenings show that Ghanaians are more than enthusiastic in registering to vote on December 7. As the EC nears the end of the registration exercise, figures so far released show that over 14 million Ghanaians have already been registered. We expect the figure to rise by August 6 when the registration exercise ends.

    The climate in the country regarding the enthusiasm to get registered isn’t difficult to interpret. Ghanaians have already made up their minds on how to vote. As I have said before, their electoral decision will be influenced by what has transpired under Akufo-Addo more than any side glance at Mahama. What Mahama could do or not is right in front of their eyes. Whether Akufo-Addo has outperformed Mahama is also right in front of their eyes. But there is a catch here: Ghanaians accepted the challenge to “try” Akufo-Addo in the hope that all that didn’t go well under Mahama that he and Bawumia led the NPP to condemn won’t be repeated.

    They hoped that corruption would be dealt with and a new chapter opened in the life of Ghanaians for a bright future. Has Akufo-Addo done so? Has he improved the living circumstances of Ghanaians? Where is the evidence?

    From happenings, it can be said that what won Election 2016 for Akufo-Addo won’t do so again. Has he found new approaches to politicking? No!! Instead, he is either tacitly masterminding anarchy all over the place or turning a blind eye to the horrible things being done by his followers (especially those vigilantes that he pushed into the security set-up). Are Ghanaians safe under Akufo-Addo as they were under former Presidents?

    It is conceivable that Ghanaians are harbouring much anger, frustration, and disinterest in retaining Akufo-Addo in power, which may explain why he is insistently manipulating the system. The question is: If Akufo-Addo’s claim that he has outperformed Mahama is true, why should he use the underhand approaches threatening Ghana’s stability, peace, and security?

    What Akufo-Addo doesn’t see is that the claim that he won Election 2016 by over one million votes can be traced to the votes of floating voters and sympathizers wanting to see what he could do when “tried.” Those votes didn’t come from NPP supporters alone. Is Akufo-Addo sure he will get that support again? If not, why not?

    A lot happening under him speaks volumes; and it is scary. From how he has “ruled” thus far, I wonder if militarizing the electoral system, isolating Ewes for brutal attacks and denationalization will help him. I am more than certain that from what has happened thus far and will worsen on Election Day, the quantum of votes from voters of Ewe extraction that he had in previous elections will vanish. He has really hurt Ewes and will be punished.

    But as is to be expected of such a self-adulating person heading a government and leading a political front whose members are full of themselves, no amount of suasion will change things. Once the trust continues to be reposed in horses and chariots, we expect worse moves from Akufo-Addo.

    Political power is transient, not permanent. On Election Day, when Ghanaians make their voices heard, who no know go know!!

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