Controversial journalist, Manasseh Azuri Awuni has jumped to the defense of the bodyguard of President Akufo-Addo who shoved an old man who attempted to shake the hands of the President during one of his regional tours.





The bodyguard was seen in a video making rounds on social media forcefully pushing a middle-aged man who attempted to shake the hands of the President.

Many have condemned the action of the President’s bodyguard with some describing it as an assault on the man thought to be a sympathizer of the ruling NPP.

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Others are however of the opinion that the security man acted in good faith blaming the old man for bleaching security protocol.

It appears the controversial journalist supports the second school of thought as he believes the bodyguard was doing his job.

“It is unfortunate the man fell, but a critical look at the video does not show the security man acting violently towards the man. He stretched his hand and pushed him back. He did not assault him or follow up to harass him…,” he wrote on his facebook wall.

The post has since received valid reactions:

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Source: GhanaNewsPage.Com