Alan Kyeremanten finally reacts to Adorye’s ‘Northerners only fit for Vice Prez’ comment

    Trades and Industry Minister, Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten has finally reacted to the popular claim by former Kpone-Katamanso parliamentary candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) that descendants of the Dombo tradition in the party are only fit to be Vice Presidential running mates.

    Hopeson Adorye during a Health Walk organised in Kumasi in support of the presidential ambition of Trades and Industry Minister, Alan Kyeremanten made claims that suggested that Northerners and Muslims only qualifiy for Vice Presidential positions in the NPP; something he termed as a “historical fact”.

    Mr Adorye who has come under criticims over the comments claimed in an interview on Asempa Ekosiisen that former Mampong Member of Parliament (MP), Francis Addai Nimoh was the first to make similar analogy.

    The comments led to a reaction from the leadership of the NPP which has since summoned all flagbearer hopefuls for a meeting.

    A statement communicating the meeting said that Alan Kyeremanteng has since been written to about the comment.

    Ahead of the meeting, the Minister has issued a statement reacting to the comment below:

    Below is the full statement:

    I stand for Unity!
    My attention has been drawn to disturbing headlines and discussions in the media, in respect of comments made by Mr. Hopeson Adorye, after a peaceful health walk organized by individuals from all walks of life, in particular sympathizers of our great Party NPP, in the city of Kumasi on 13th August, 2022.
    I understand, with great concern, that the unintended consequences of these comments, have generated strong reactions from different sections of the Ghanaian public, with the potential of creating divisions within the rank and file of our Party, at a crucial time in its history.
    The New Patriotic Party has always stood for unity, peace and progress for every Ghanaian. Without a doubt, these are the very same virtues that I have worked tirelessly to uphold, in my years of service to Ghana and to the NPP.
    It is a fact that the peaceful health walk was independently organized, and joined by thousands of well-meaning Ghanaian citizens across Kumasi, to express their passion for the NPP, in addition to their genuine support for what I have come to represent in the Party, through years of dedicated service. Much as I do appreciate this show of support, I would like to strongly caution against any acts or omissions of any individuals or groups of individuals that may disturb the peace and harmony in our party.
    It is important that we all fight what seems to be emerging as a dangerous trend in our body politic in Ghana, of using misinformation and propaganda in instigating disunity along ethnic, religious and political lines.
    I passionately believe that it is impossible or inappropriate, to diminish or distort the fundamental contributions and stature of any of the founding fathers of the NPP tradition, and I encourage Party faithfuls to focus on this indisputable fact. Indeed, it is the dedicated service of all the celebrated as well as unsung heroes and heroines of our great Party, that has, and continues to give life to the NPP, till this day. To borrow a leaf from the school ode of my Alma mater, Adisadel College, “Others have laboured, and we share their glory. Ours is to do exploits and add to their gain. Those who come after will take up our story.”
    I encourage Party faithfuls to be vigilant and consistent in protecting this cherished unity, that has made our great party a beacon of hope to the people of Ghana, over the past 30 years.
    Let us all pull together, and focus on the task of emerging victorious, in the challenging times we are faced with today as a country.
    I stand for Unity!
    Long live the NPP and long live Ghana!
    Thank you.
    Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen



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