All we have is Africa – A poem dedicated to Odi Ahenkan Kwame Yeboah of Peace FM

    The dealings of our politicians are inept
    They have chained us, our unborn ones
    With the shackles of debt
    From grassroots to the higher ones
    Our greed is incontinent.

    Our Black Brothers abroad bleed
    In the place they sought pastures green
    My heart bleeds for Africans, Mother
    With unemployment benefits given as ex-gratia
    The poor man’s toil to those who never lack.

    The leaders have forced our hand
    To eat with the yellow Vulture
    Who has fed us poisons
    With galamsey and tree fellings
    Blue waters have turned muddy and dark.

    For the love of God and Continent
    Why do we from poverty flee
    In a land endowed with resources?
    Why is there no shelter for the homeless
    While we build houses for the ex- president?

    Choose the right, not bribery
    Choose loyalty over pretentious diplomacy
    Where is the market for local rice and poultry
    When the cheapest are frozen carcasses
    Can someone tell me why?

    Generation that rises from the ashes
    Wake up from this murderous slumber
    And give the World something to remedy remember
    Clothe our Black pride with honour
    Because all we have is Africa

    Poet: Odette Ofosua Appiah



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