Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy is a ‘broke, ex-convict white man’ – Wife


    There have been some reports following news surrounding Yvonne Nelson that the man with who she has a child is a British photographer who is believed to be legally married to a Nigerian lady known as Keela Harrison.

    However in an exposé which has been reported by after it reached out to a source in Nigeria known as Instablog9ja, the legally married wife of Jamie Roberts has come out to make some scathing revelations about her husband who happens to be Yvonne’s baby daddy.

    Keela revealed that she got to know Yvonne Nelson as a result of the latter’s need for slimming products. Keela also went on to reveal that her husband Jamie, who she is seeking to divorce is broke.

    In a chat that was sighted by on, Keela revealed that Jamie was bankrupt and had his ‘neck deep in debt’. She recounted that the matter was so serious that he (Jamie) had to even wait on her (Keela) to settle their court fees.

    In light of these revelations, Keela went on to quiz Yvonne Nelson to know if she had enough money to take care of Jamie for the time being because apparently, he was broke.

    She also insinuated that the profession Jamie prided himself with was actually a result of her ‘benevolence’ because the camera he was using for his work actually belonged to her (Keela).

    Keela had early on revealed that Yvonne had lied to the public about Jamie because all that she told Wow Magazine were not the true reflection of who Jamie really was.