Angry CEPS officers petition Internal Affairs and Intelligence Unit to investigate one officer

    The Internal Affairs and Intelligence Unit of CEPS have been petitioned to commence investigations into the activities and conduct of one of their officers.

    The impending investigations follow a petition submitted to the unit since 2017 by some angry CEPS officials and individuals who consider the said officer’s conduct and activities at the port as affront and inimical to the integrity of the service.

    The petitioners alleged that the said CEPS officer who operates a Cold Store have also evaded tax.

    The petitioners further alleged that this officer had his transfer to the Ashanti Region revoked because of his ‘powerful connections’

    Meanwhile, in 2009, similar investigations were conducted against some CEPS officials where it was concluded that appropriate sanctions be instituted against the affected personnel.

    The Petitioners further alleged that the officer is part of a syndicate in the port that auctions containers.

    The Petition further stated that through the help of some agents, they have sold containers of suppliers at cheaper costs, having told the owners their goods wouldn’t be sold.

    They however sell such goods and deprive the state of the needed revenue for development.

    The spate of these activities of auctioning containers is worrying to the extent that it is gradually eroding the country of its good name.

    The said CEPS officer, according to the petition, has established a Cold Store without permit and several efforts to deal with the situation has hit a snag due to the support he has from some powerful politicians.

    The petitioners further allege in their petition that the officer doesn’t wear the Customs uniform anymore rather, he has a number of well-built men, popularly known as ‘machomen’ around him whenever he comes to the office and no one dares to question him.

    The Petitioners described his frozens food importation business as conflict of interest since he cannot be a referee and a player at the same time.

    The petitioners asked the Internal Affairs and Intelligence Unit of the service to investigate the said CEPS officer and apply the available sanctions and punitive measures against him/her when the officer is found liable of all these allegations against him/her.

    The petitioners have, however warned to petition EOCO, CHRAJ and the Criminal Investigations Department to investigate the CEPS officer’s tax evasion activities as well as his unexplained wealth if the unit fails to do so due to manipulation from government officials who are aiding him in his nefarious activities.



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