Angry fans descend on Nadia Buari


    Nadia Buari has been teasing her Instagram fans with photos of her babies–by constantly posting photos of them but intentionally hiding their faces.

    She has been doing this for over a year now and it seems the fans are fed-up as a recent photo she posted of her babies fetched her backlash from angry fans instead of the usual praises.

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    An Instagram follower by username Uche_ashley wrote under the photo; “Maybe she’s waiting for her Mexican baby daddy to marry her first before she show there faces.cos she’s beens engaged for a decade now @iamnadiabuari”

    Mon_lisssa also commented: “@frimpongg38 exactly sis .we make them who they are .they call themselves celebrities.Care for your fans .come and see how American celebrities always appreciate their fans . And you prince whatever calling me for saying the truth.Privacy is privacy.He could go through comments to respond to my comment.”

    She wrote again: “mon_lisssa You are a celebrity and its just normal for your fans to wana know your babies face .We all respect your privacy but then do as a favor not to post and shhow their back .whats up with the privacy you claiming .ya’ll want the damn celebrities smh”

    “If is Not by force to show their face then of cos there is no point showing their backs we are beginning to think you have some thing hidden some where,Even black chyna showed Dreams face same day she had dream let as think enough of this unnecessary attention seeking,” Beebeyswiss said.

    Maameabenaappiah also had this to say: “@mon_lisssa preach girl preach!!!the put their business out there and claim privacy…annoying set of ppl.”

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    Surely the fans have a point; what’s the point in always putting photos of your children on Instagram and yet hiding their faces each time?