Angry Ga youth attack Gbawe Winners Chapel


    Some Ga youth ostensibly from the Gbawe Mantse Palace in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region last night stormed the Winners Chapel International branch at Gbawe during the evening church service and destroyed their equipment.

    The youth who were holding machetes, sticks and other offensive weapons were against the church’s playing of musical instruments and singing due to the ban on drumming and noise making in some Ga communities.

    Canopies, musical instruments, chairs, and tables are some of the church’s items that were destroyed.

    The congregation and onlookers had to run helter-skelter for their lives as the angry youth were burnt on harming anyone they set eyes on.

    Everyone who was seen dressed decently was attacked since they suspect the person had come to the church.

    The youth succeeded in locking the church leaders, pastors and some members in the main church auditorium.

    It took the interventions of some elders around who knew the Ga youth to calm them down but they were not ready to budge.

    Some residents explained that the church started service around 7pm on Wednesday and about an hour into the service, while praises were ongoing, the Ga youth, most of whom wear dreadlocks, stormed the church premises to halt the service.

    The residents said this did not go down well with some of the church leaders who started arguing with the youth.

    This generated into a heated argument and the Ga youth had no option than to bring out machetes, sticks, and other sharp objects to disrupt the service and also destroy the church’s property.

    None of the church leaders and pastors present was ready to speak to Onua News after the incident.