A group calling itself Mortuary Workers Association of Ghana (MOWAG) has threatened to embark on a strike in the coming days, GhanaNewsPage.com can report

General Secretary of the group, Richard Kofi Jordan in a press statement copied to GhanaNewsPage.Com said they are embarking on strike because of poor conditions of service.

“It is surprising that the Ministry of Health do not see the infringement on the rights of the Ghanaian Mortuary worker and is reluctant at resolving them,” the statement said.

The group said their strike action will come into force from Tuesday, 20th November 2018.

Read their full statement below:

It is regrettable that our concerns should have reached this apex such that we have no alternative than to resort to a nationwide industrial action that is envisaged will bring a profound result.

You may wish to note that the following series of complaints per the proposals submitted upon the request of the Ministry of Health, no fruitful responses and outcomes were received.

Some of the issues of concern which boarders on illegalities are enumerated as follows

1. Many of the Mortuary Workers are denied perpetual their annual leave in violation of section 20 of Act 651.

2. Most Mortuary Workers work more than the required 8 hours including Saturdays and Sundays in violation of section 33 of Act 651.

3. Most have been employed as casual and temporary workers in violation of section 74 and 75 of Act 651,which does not guarantee job security especially in the environment in which they work.

4. In terms of remuneration, it is unfortunate to state that Mortuary workers are treated as most unrecognized in the sector and for that matter, least paid on the salary structure of Ministry of Health with no single allowance.

5. Many of the Mortuary facilities are understaffed, no maintenance which compromises on health and safety rules of the sector making the workers unnecessary to suffer in silence.

6. In terms of their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), some have to struggle to get them to use making the working conditions at some facilities undesirable.

7. There is no provision for universal medical checkups plan in violation of sections 118 of Act 651.

8. No overtime is paid which is in violation of section 35.

9. They are not paid for public holidays in violation of section 72 of Act 651.

10. They work on weekends on which are resting days by law which will amount to overtime but are not paid.

In summary, these are some irregularities or illegalities being perpetrated against this class of workers by Ministry of Health and its agencies with impunity.

It is therefore surprising that the Ministry of Health do not see these infringement on the rights of the Ghanaian Mortuary worker and is reluctant to resolving them. Hence our resort to an industrial action (STRIKE) starting from Tuesday, 20th November 2018.

Total withdrawal of all services until we are convinced that our concerns presented to the Ministry of Health are fully addressed.

Meanwhile, we wish to take this opportunity to sympathize with the public who will be inconvenient in this trial times.

We also wish to state clearly that any intimidation or attempt from any agency, department or institution under Ministry of Health to any Mortuary Worker in the country will be met with equal force during the period of our strike.

Thanks you.

For: Mortuary Workers Association of Ghana (MOWAG)


Source: Ghana | GhanaNewsPage.com | William Kabutey Dosoo


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