One of the ex-contemnors in the infamous ‘Montie 3’ case, Godwin Ako-Gunn has called watered-down the calls by a section of the public for the churches to pay tax.

The NDC man described as a discriminatory for the Church alone to pay tax, leaving the other religious bodies untax.

There has been several calls from a section of the public calling on the  government to tax  churches in the country because they are business entities.

President Nana Akufo-Addo speaking at a synod of the Global Evangelical church at the University of Ghana hinted that churches acquiring wealth could be taxed as he delivered stinging criticisms at some churches.

The President  remarked that the church is becoming a pale shadow of what it used to be generations ago.

He observed that churches have shifted from charity to prosperity and said calls for churches and their leaders to be taxed are understandable.

“I am not getting into the merits and demerits of the prosperity gospel that appears to be the main theme for many of our present-day churches. The Good Lord knows I preach prosperity myself, and I do not want this country and its people to be poor, and I am very much for wealth creation”.

But the Chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG), Rt. Rev. Dr. Seth Senyo Agidi  has said that it will not make sense for government to tax churches.

The Chairman said it will be discriminatory for the government to tax churches and leave other organizations such as political parties that also raise funds to support their activities.

However commenting on the calls for the churches to pay tax on Cine Plus TV’s ‘Ghana Kasa’ on Monday, Ako Gunn called on the Ghana Revenue Authority to tax Antoa Shrine if churches are suppose to pay tax in country.

“If Ghana Revenue Authority want to tax churches, then it should tax Anotoa,tax Nogokpo,tax Mallams,tax any one who receives thanksgiving after praying for someone” the NDC Deputy Communication Officer aspirant said.