Anyone who boozes is a member of Ghana Drunkards Association – President


    National President of the Ghana Drunkards Association, Moses Drybon has revealed that the association is open to anyone who drinks alcohol.

    He however indicated that persons who are not into the consumption of alcohol do not qualify to be members and as such may not be allowed to take part in the national congress slated for December 23, 2017.

    “Any person who quaffs is an automatic member and will be welcome to our annual congress in Accra on December 23, 2017”, he revealed.

    According to him, the group is registered and its main objectives include; ensuring and recommending quality alcoholic beverages to its members across the country.

    A statement issued and signed by Moses Drybon, its National President attracted several social media trolls but he indicated that he is not perturbed by what people say or write about him.

    “Our objective is to announce the official drink for the festive season. Health screening Music performances, Games and drinking competition. It is our vision to see all our members across the nation be ushered safely and happily into the year 2018. Long live Ghana, long lives our members”, he explained.