Appoint Non-Partisan Deputy Speakers Of Parliament – Gyampo


    Professor Ransford Gyampo, an associate professor in the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana has called for a review of the constitution to ensure the neutrality of Deputy Speakers of Parliament.

    His suggestion follows Wednesday’s declaration by the Supreme Court that the two Deputy Speakers of Parliament can vote while presiding, a judgement the Minority has described as “a travesty of justice relating to parliamentary practice.”

    Haruna Iddrisu, the opposition leader in Parliament said the ruling is an interference in parliamentary affairs.

    However, Gyampo said the ruling should not be politicised.

    “The Supreme Court ruling on the right of Deputy Speakers to vote while serving as speakers must be interrogated dispassionately. Unfortunately, the partisan responses have not helped as they insinuate many things that do not help the quest to shore up the independence of the judiciary.

    “Why should it be that every top NPP person likes the ruling while every top NDC hates it? Why can’t we have a middle way of objective thinking about the issue? Excessive partisan is indeed a serious affront to our God-given ability to think and analyse issues, with a view to promoting fairness and objectivity in our political discourse,” Gyampo posted on Facebook.