Appointment controversy: Leave Akufo-Addo alone to do his job – Kufuor


    Ex-president John Kufuor has waded into the controversy surrounding the ministerial appointments by president Akufo-Addo and has charged critics to be measured.

    Mr Kufuor said the new leader was voted for to carry out his vision of transforming the country and must be given the free hand to appoint those he believes will fulfill that vision.

    The new president has come under a barrage of criticisms after he named some 36 ministers of state to champion the cause of his development agenda.

    President Akufo-Addo has so far appointed the highest number of ministers of state and his yet to name deputies and Regional Ministers.

    The reasons for the criticisms are not only about the number of appointees, but the seeming duplicity of the positions announced.

    Some of the most controversial appointees named are the Minister for Inner City and Zongo development, Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation. There is also the Sanitation and Aviation Ministers all of which have been decoupled from their traditional designations.

    The appointees are however yet to be vetted by Parliament.

    Speaking to Joy News on the matter Ex-president John Kufuor said the critics must remain calm and see what the new president and his administration will do.

    “The country has assigned him a job. We should him a free hand to do the job for us. We didn’t vote for nothing. We voted because we expect him to give solutions for us and he says this is the way I can do the work,” he said.

    He did not understand why the critics would condemn the president, and asked if the critics have been president before.