Are there ‘witches’ in NDC, why fear witch-hunting? – VCRAC Crabbe wonders


    Former Supreme Court justice VCRAC Crabbe has thrown his weight behind Martin Alamisi Amidu as the nominated officer to head the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

    The retired judge said the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice gave a good account of himself while in government, so he has confidence in him.

    He was speaking to Media General’s Daniel Opoku on the sidelines of a CDD-Ghana programme on Friday to assess the one-year performance of the Nana Akufo-Addo-led government.

    The nomination of Mr Amidu as the Special Prosecutor last Thursday engendered mixed reactions from the political divide.

    While the neutrals like civil society groups hailed the appointment, others with interests like the National Democratic Congress (NDC) said there is an agenda by the government.

    The National Organiser of the NDC, Kofi Adams, on Thursday said Mr Amidu, who is a known member of the party, will witch-hunt them.

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    “Are there witches in those political parties?” Justice Vincent Cyril Richard Arthur Charles Crabbe queried.

    “If there are no witches there cannot be witch-hunting. So, I don’t understand the question about people talking about witch-hunting, witch-hunting, witch-hunting. If you are not a witch, then there is no hunting?”

    He expressed confidence in Martin Amidu in the new role given his past record.

    “When he was Attorney General, he was doing most of the cases for government. When he was Attorney General, he did not shy for telling the president of this country ‘No’ when he thought he should say ‘No’. So I am very confident [in him].”