Assin Asamankese ICT Teacher deserves commendation not sanctions – MP


    The Member of Parliament for Agona West in the Central Region Hon. Cynthia Morrison believes the ICT teacher at the Assin Asamankese D/A Primary School in the Assin South District, who used stones as computer mouse to teach pupils deserve to be commended for exhibiting brilliance.

    According to her, the bold decision of the ICT teacher has brought to the fore the plight of pupils in deprived communities who also write the same exams with their counterparts in the cities.

    A video which has gone viral on social media showed some pupils practicing how to click a computer mouse with stones during an ICT class at the Assin Asamankese D/A Primary School in the Assin South District.

    The action of the teacher has however incurred the wrath of authorities of the Ghana Education Service who have threatened to sanction him.

    They argued that the action of the teacher was in breach of the Service code of conduct.

    But commenting on the issue on Oman FM’s National Agenda on Thursday, Hon. Cynthia Morrison said, although the “GES has taken action of the teacher to mean washing of the dirty linen of the school in public” it was a brilliant decision on the part of the teacher to use stones, since it was the only object available, to use to demonstrate how computer mouse is being used.

    “What the ICT teacher did is the reality on the ground in most deprived communities. I went to a school in my constituency and when the headmaster asked me to find out from the pupils whether they know a “mouse” and they all referred to the animal. So there is nothing wrong if the teacher decide to use stones to teach them how computer mouse functions,” she pointed out.

    She appealed to the GES to rescind its decision to sanction the ICT teacher.

    According to her, Ghanaians voted for the current government to solve problems and such things has to be brought to the attention of the government to find solution to it.

    Story By: Michael Creg Afful