Baffour Gyan breaks silence: ‘We didn’t throw our hands-on Godwin Martey’

    Former Ghanaian International Baffour Gyan has rubbished media reports that himself and junior brother Asamoah Gyan have attacked Godwin Martey, the chief executive officer for Web Soft Solutions on Thursday morning.

    A police report sighted by reports indicated that Godwin, 35, was slapped and hit at his left shoulder by Baffour, who was umpiring Wednesday’s match.

    The complainant wanted to quit the game after feeling unfairly treated by umpire Baffour in the match against Asamoah.

    But his attempt to complain led to the alleged assault.

    By reacting the allegations, Baffour conceded that they had a verbal exchange with Godwin and nothing more.

    Asamoah Gyan and I didn’t throw our hands-on Godwin Martey. It was just an exchange of words. The tempers were higher so some of the words were harsh and I apologize for that but we didn’t fight him physically. How can we fight at the soldier’s premises?”-Baffour Told Pure Fm.

    Though a medical report from the 37 Military Hospital shows no physical injuries Godwin complains of being in “shock”.

    He has since been referred to a psychologist.

    The two brothers have earned the notoriety of attacking people including a journalist in the past.

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